Samsung Jitterbug J

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(added 04 Nov 2009)
Samsung Jitterbug J

Samsung’s folder type mobile is adding AMPS technology, CDMA Band CDMA 800/1900, AGPS as well as along with a massive messaging power either. This latest mobile is attaching an LCD display that is color, including a fine charger.

The Samsung Jitterbug J is attaching a battery support of up to 200 hours. This mobile is providing a finer calling functionality, with its operational keys, which are sufficiently big that are aptly facilitating to use it comfortably.

This Samsung Jitterbug J that is offered on a price of USD 147 isn’t known to us whether it has any warranty support or not. If you find any glitch, that proves an impediment in its operability, then you can use its help knob that will give you sufficient information to get a viable solution for the same hitch.

Samsung Jitterbug J has one more hitch it is not offering the music or video choices as well as no snappy capability either. So compromise on it, or swap to any other model or series, that is the only recourse.

Samsung Jitterbug J is primarily dedicated to younger fans or older ones of Samsung to use it as an Android of sending massive messages or like a calling zombie and nothing more than that.

Amazingly, its color screen that is having 2.5in size is remarkably translucent and comfortable to read the text or messages on it. This cell phone has the dimensions like width 2in, height 4in, depth 1in, whilst its weight is 4.4oz.

This mobile is employing the platform of the Verizon Wireless network, so the OS is a finer source to use it with ease. Don’t expect for a lot of ringtones from this zombie, it will give you few choices of ringtones, and will never make you gloomy.

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